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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Core NG

Core NG provides detailed monitoring and data collection capabilities across different technology domains.

This powerful core module – at the centre of our innovative in-house monitoring solutions – serves as an integrated management information platform.

It is designed to improve operational efficiency by streamlining the control, management and alignment of IT operations and tools within the business domain.

Asset Management

Asset is engineered to maintain asset inventories (from discovered asset/serial numbers) within your network

This metadata-driven module allows for the capturing and adding of manual information, as well as continuous geographical location monitoring and management; risk management and more.


The IP Address Management (IPAM) module enables extensive, centralised visibility and administrative use within the networking environment.

Automation is a key feature of this product; this allows for enhanced efficiency, streamlined workflows and heightened administrative control.

AFN Module

The Sintrex AFN module enables end-to-end network- and application-visibility through real-time, drill-down capabilities and detailed traffic investigation.

This efficient solution ensures both network monitoring and optimisation. It also handily supports NetFlow, span and TAP technologies for wire data collection.

EUC Module

The End-user Computing (EUC) module enables detailed hardware- and software-tracking capabilities.

Key EUC features include performing full network/PC environment audits; promoting improved user- and software-management and storing asset information in a singular, centralised database (for ease of access and management).

Log & Event Monitoring

The Log and Event Monitoring module both assists with and streamlines syslog collection; escalation; monitoring and dashboarding and more.

Through its enhanced log analysis, it offers invaluable insights, while also improving all-round efficiency, thanks to debugging assistance; proactive system analysis; dashboards (for monitoring system health and other vital data); and the ability to receive logs from any integrated technology.


Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (or AIOps) is designed to curate faster, more efficient IT operations.

Our current AIOps highlights include asset discovery, anomaly detection, impact classification, change detection and more, to name only a few.

Vulnerability Management

Through vulnerability management, we can help you manage and mitigate security risks within your computer systems and offered customer services.

Our custom vulnerability assessments promote improved security and control; operational efficiency; Return ON Investment (ROI) and data protection upkeep and more.