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Sintrex prides itself on working with the best to deliver the best. Our relationship with our partners brings us even more global reach and technology to offer even more to our clients. We have listed our partners in solution below, feel free to peruse and or visit their websites should you require in depth understanding of what part they play in the Information Technology field.


 Cisco Services helps IT team worldwide design, manage, and maintain some of the most sophisticated, secure, intelligent platforms for digital business. Our innovation, expertise and services quality, coupled with advanced analytics, automation and security, help you bridge the talent gap, manage risk, deliver excellence, and stay ahead of the pace of change.

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 The flexibility and rich feature set of the Cubro products gives us the ability to create many solutions to fit your exact needs. We believe in a decision simplicity approach and are here to help you in your purchase journey by identifying and weighing the features that are most relevant to your requirements.

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ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality with real-time analytics and cloud-based machine learning. They analyze every single digital interaction occurring in the IT environment and turn that data into the most accurate and timely source of intelligence for everyone from IT Operations to Security to the CIO.

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Today, netTerrain is a global leader in next-generation Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Network Documentation software products. Their web-based IT visualization platform, netTerrain, automates and simplifies the visualization, management and documentation of an entire IT landscape. From logical network infrastructure diagrams to physical data center, racks, cabling and circuits, netTerrain provides the most powerful graphical depictions of an IT infrastructure.

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 Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual networks. Organizations use Ixia tools and capabilities to test, secure and visualize their networks so their applications run stronger.

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Netscouts ojective is to provide a single view into the performance and health of all your servers, services, applications, and networks, so that you can quickly pinpoint and resolve problems.

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Netshield is a Pretoria-based technology company that specialises in providing tailor-made end-to-end IoT and Cloud based technology solutions to our clients. Our experienced teams of research and development engineers specialise in technological, element and component level development. We have a core focus on customisation right down to component levels, extended application, database, embedded software development (firmware) and electronic, electrical and optical fibre and mechanical development and design.

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New Relic One helps engineers create more perfect software. Instrument, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software stack.

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Sinefa is helping to transform the performance of data networks across the world. Sinefa provides visibility and control for data networks. It allows network managers to see all the applications, users, devices, and links on the network, and to easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications.

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In this ever-changing technological landscape, organisations are forced to find new ways to increase their security posture and minimise their risk. The Guardian cybersecurity platform utilises learning machines, mathematics, and a synergy between both human and artificial intelligence (Intelligence Amplification) to monitor, detect and proactively respond to all threats on every device within your network, from traditional desktop computers through to BYOD, cloud and IoT devices.

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Telesa is a proudly South African Company and has designed and built a software platform that interfaces with all the Service Providers networks and any South African Enterprise customer. They aim to provide value added Information and management services to the users of communication services through an advanced technological platform while maintaining their integrity and building lasting relationships, by adding value to their employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

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VOIP Monitor is team of linux enthusiasts. They have been discovering VoIP technologies since 2003, starting with open source software like Asterisk, OpenSER, GNU gatekeeper. The Voip Monitor team have kept evolving with those technologies ever since their inception.

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From consulting for migration and solution architecting…software tools for monitoring & managing conferencing and risky collaboration security blind spots…or managed services for 24×7 proactive troubleshooting — we’ve got you covered.

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