Our services are delivered across all IT service domains to provide an end-to-end quality assurance service bespoke to your business.

IT Infrastructure

The Sintrex Infrastructure Management solution allows all our clients to become a long term partner in the accurate and efficient management of their IT infrastructure.

Sintrex helps to manage complex environments to ensure maximum efficiency. Modern businesses have extensive global networks, multiple service providers and utilise various technologies across a range of platforms.

The benefits of the Sintrex IT Infrastructure Management services include:

  • The implementation of a Universal Management Database (UMDB)

  • Reduced IT costs through better uptime and prediction of potential problems on the IT infrastructure and the efficient management of any crisis

  • Improved IT services throughout the organisation, better managing and enhancing the reputation of the IT department and the business

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Improved use of skills and experience as critical and expensive staff are used astutely

  • Improved delivery of third-party services and related SLAs

  • Improved crisis management through the ability to react quickly and effectively identify root cause and restore an optimal standard of operation throughout the IT infrastructure

  • Improved visibility of your entire IT infrastructure, allowing for real time diagnostics and management of multiple services and solutions

  • Improved capacity through astute resource management


Our clients require the management of all assets throughout their IT Infrastructure to highlight changes or deviations from pre-defined standards. Sintrex delivers real time information on these assets to ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Sintrex scans the IT assets online and in real time, accurately recording installation dates, changes and detailed information including performance data. Sintrex records this information, then archive the data on a central database for easy and immediate access, anywhere and anytime. The speed and accuracy of this information enables your IT management team to achieve the following success:

  • The implementation of a Universal Management Database (UMDB)

  • Zero production hours lost as a result of human dependencies as the solution requires no staff.

  • No data manipulation or recapturing of data into the financial system is required making the information accurate and immediately usable by all IT and financial applications.

  • No disruptions or services downtime due to human errors while performing the physical audits.

  • Easily manage vendor SLAs with accurate and immediate information on hand Improved availability of information to audit and trouble shoot assets.


Sintrex Service-level management provides for continual identification, monitoring and review of the levels of IT services specified in the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) the business has with multiple third party suppliers and service providers.

The Sintrex SLA Management Service monitors any deviations from the SLA’s with third party service providers and suppliers, as well as the impact of variations in service levels, experienced by customers. This requires constant monitoring and evaluation. The result has a positive influence on the management of reputation with the customers.

The benefits of Sintrex SLA Management include:

  • Improved third party management by ensuring best practice and benchmark operating standards are maintained in accordance with third party contracts as well as the business requirements.

  • Improved visibility throughout the organisation as SLA deviations influence availability management, asset management, capacity issues and crisis detection and prevention.

  • Improved insight into the quality of overall services within the agreed financial agreement with third party supply

  • Improved continuity of overall service as best practice plans exist to support the business and future SLA negotiations

  • Improved reliability through the benchmarking and monitoring of an IT Asset to perform at agreed levels

  • Improved serviceability and communication with third party suppliers through maintaining visibility and the availability of component or function under a third-party contract to prevent downtime


Sintrex strives to proactively detect & diagnose application performance problems to maintain a superior level of service for the business by monitoring and managing the performance and availability of software applications.

Sintrex offers the combination of the right IT & Network Solutions to better manage the complexity of multiple applications used in everyday business transactions. By detecting, diagnosing and rectifying the overall quality of service delivery of each application and their interdependencies, the client’s organisation can meet and exceed customer expectation.

The benefits of Sintrex Application Management include:

  • Proactive management of slow response issues

  • Identification of slow response root cause (Network vs. Application vs. PC)

  • Improved client experience

  • Identification and management of legacy business applications

  • Identification and management of low priority, high bandwidth applications

  • Improved management of compliance issues

  • Improved management of network quality of service

  • Improved maintenance of software licenses

  • Improved tracking of assets, financial and security

  • Improved maintenance of procedures surrounding the definition, interdependencies, deployment and configuration of all applications and their impact on everyday business management


Sintrex deploys advanced cyber intelligence and data analytics to process enormous amounts of data across a heterogeneous network to gain insight into prevailing attack patterns not visible to the human eye.

Sintrex offers professional security services from end-to-end value offerings that provide valuable insights to cyber security risks and threats, prevalent in a network environments.

Sintrex offers a set of technology and services to provide a unique ‘fit for purpose’ solutions to secure any environment.

Risk mitigation are offered via the following continuous services:

  • Real-Time Threat Detection & Response Platform

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – SOC Service

  • Continuous Vulnerability Assessments (CVA)

  • Cyber Attack Simulation (CAS)

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

  • Forward Engineering

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments

  • External Vulnerability Assessments

  • Penetration Testing

  • Virtual CISO Services