Fact vs Fiction: Finding your PC Ghosts

Fact vs Fiction: Finding your PC Ghosts

I recall the days of supporting users. A helpdesk call would be assigned to you and off you would run to help the exec’s PA print something.

These days, life is a little easier with remote support options – but there’s always that ghost in the system. You go have a look and the user says, well now, everything is fine! Ghosts!

It is okay to fault find slow responses when they happen but not when they ghost you! (Unless, of course, if you have a recorded baseline.)

Today I was working and eventually thought that my network provider is making changes or is experiencing issues in our area (again).

I logged into my web portal ( https://www.sintrex.com/register) to review some statistics.

I could immediately see the following:

  • The response times to my top three business sites are responding well:

  • My network interface is running without any errors or transmission gaps:

  • My gateway responses are superb! So, my home network is awesome.

  • My memory usage increased, specifically between 10:30 am and 11 am.

  • My CPU usage was erratic over the same time frame:

  • I then zoomed in and could clearly see the increased memory and CPU usage:

So now I know that the problem lies on my PC. Nowhere else.

I launch task manager and kill the applications that are hogging my PC resources.

Normality resumes. No reboots or guesswork involved. Visibility, information, control – and no ghosts.

For more on using the Sintrex portal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d13jVyAiTs&t=6s

Emile Biagio



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