Free IT Assessment

IT Monitoring Maturity Assessment

We've created a 1 pager assessment questionnaire to gauge how mature your IT monitoring is.

Do you have an updated list of all your IT assets?
Do you know where all your assets are installed?
Do you know at any given time when any asset goes offline?
Do you know if those assets are performing adequately?
Are you aware of configuration changes made to devices that may impact productivity?
Do you receive automated escalations (SMS, Telegram, slack, email, etc) for root cause or high risk events?
Does your solution rollup to a big data type database for centralized reporting?
Can your solution collect, store and monitor syslogs in a central database?
Can your solution easily filter and visually present collected syslogs?
Do you have the personnel and capability to determine what action should be taken when an alarm condition occurs?
Can you investigate and report on what an end user is doing on your network?
Can you view application and server usage?
Can your solution provide customizable and business-related dashboards?
Can you measure SLAs?
Do you have systems engineers that ensure that the monitoring systems are effectively administered and maintained?
Which monitoring platforms have you invested in?
Approximately how many users in your organization?
Your email address? (to email you the results)
Your contact number? (only if you’d like us to contact you to help improve your results)
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